Paul & Marla - Retired Educators Who Stay Busy With Repair Work & Frequent Travel

Our Lifelong Belief In Service:

Josh Weir, our "Lily Boy" (Little Boy), who is now a grown man - an extremely gifted artist in so many different ways - expressed our thinking and beliefs in a way that was "spot on." When Marla, his mother, announced she had retired, he sent her this moving message that we now share with you:

"My whole life I have seen you dedicate yourself fully and selflessly to the service of other people; and your attitude has been one of the biggest inspirations to me. I am so thankful to be a part of our family, not only because of the opportunities and unconditional support I have been afforded, but because I was taught directly and indirectly about the importance of service to my fellow men and women. I feel like that lesson has been lost on mine and younger generations and I try my best to be an example of that attitude in every facet of my professional and personal life. I hope that you will take some time off now and spend some energy taking care of yourself! You DESERVE it! You and Dad have cultivated some wonderful friendships, so I really want for you two to enjoy them! (Political/superficial friends excluded, don't waste your energy on those types.) I am so proud of you and I tell people all the time. :) I know this isn't the end of taking care of everyone around you, but I am so excited to see what you will be a part of in the future. I will always be in your corner! All my love….   Josh"

Josh, we love you and Kinsleigh far more than words can express! Both of you, go accomplish great things through helping others....

Paul & Marla