Services We Offer

ATV, Motorcycle, Small Motor, Appliance Repair



Repair, restoration, and renovation of virtually ANYTHING that runs - even household items - is our specialty!

Call 915-637-1033, anytime, to speak to Paul. We do clean, careful, meticulous repair work - including plastic welding. If you want it done really right, call us, and we will help you out!

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T-Shirt Quilts



Do you have some souvenir T-shirts that are taking up space, but you just can't part with them? A T-shirt quilt might by your answer! Marla has done a few for charity sales, and they look great! A quilt can be hung on a wall - showing the emblems of the shirts you once bought as a reminder of a fun time or place.


Cost: $150 - These projects usually take 20 hours to complete, plus materials.

Income Tax Prep & Accounting Assistance



Paul is NOT a Certified Public Accountant, nor is he a Certified Tax Preparer. However, he has decades of experience in both areas and can provide you with some guidance and assistance; should you be in need.


Costs: Service is billed ats $25 per hour.

Assistance With Issues



Are you struggling with some challenge, but you believe the issue does not merit the cost of an attorney? We can help you! PMV has experience in complaint resolution, product performance letters, school district grievances, etc.


Call us, write us, send up some smoke signals! If we can help, we will!


Cost: Any consulting is billed at $25 per hour.

Payment Methods

We accept credit/debit cards, personal or company checks, and cash.

We also accept PayPal payments.