Stories From Students

Marla and Paul wanted to feature the stories and recollections of our former students, who are dear to us, in our online "Memories Book." These "kids," many who are now adults, have deeply enriched our lives along the way. This page is dedicated to the many wonderful young people - students we were honored to serve - who Marla and Paul will forever hold dear in their hearts.

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Alaniz, Diana                      Boehnke, Cindi                   Cardona, Chris                   Cortez, Jessica                  
Gammons, Scott                Gomez, David                      Gonzalez, Carolina             Gutierrez, Joe M

Hernandez, Elizabeth        Hester, Tonya                      Longoria, Donny                Mata, Abriel

McDonald, Dusty               Meza, Angie                         Moreno, Carlos                   Padilla, Priscilla

Paxton, Beverly                  Rodriguez, M Manuel         Rosales, Jesus                    Smith, Carolyn

Spurgeon, Tammy              Valencia, Ben                      Valerio, Yarasel                  Wells, Penny